LAMP Interview Series:
Peter Yellen, Actor, Musician

This is part of an ongoing series of interviews with the cast and team from LA Motion Pix’s latest film, “Bouquet of Consequence.” we will try to bring you behind the scenes interviews, updates, photos and videos as we lead up to the release. If you would like to ask any questions to any member or cast, you can email us at or leave a comment below.

1. Peter, I understand you were originally sought after for the role of the Doctor in “Bouquet of Consequence” rather than the therapist. How did this change come about?

I received a script and knew right away I would rather have the part of the therapist. I went to the reading with the intention of getting that part. Sometimes that works…

2. How would you describe the role of the therapist in “Bouquet of Consequence?” What is the significance of the therapist to Rachel’s character (played by Meggie Maddock)?

Rachel is in a crisis and is manifesting a reason to “go on.” My character is attempting to help Rachel sort it all out. The therapist represents Rachel’s higher thinking.

3. Are you a fan in general of horror movies? What is your favorite movie and/or director?

Not a fan of this genre. Abe Ferrara is a dear friend. I had a part in “Driller Killer” so out of respect and loyalty he is my favorite director. My favorite film is any film that has a social slant. Stories about a greater or higher love that stir our notion of interconnectedness speak to me. Elia Kazan’s “On The Waterfront” is the closest thing to a perfect film.

4. There is a scene where you are sitting next to a ghost. Could you tell us about this? Have you worked with child actors before?

Rachel sees the ghost but I am the therapist so she does not appear to me. My task is to act this… I think that was my first scene with a child. Adult children yes… many.

5. How do you want the audience to feel after seeing this movie?

Tragedy is an awful house guest. It changes everything and it makes it hard to hold on. People should feel a great sorrow for Rachel and a hesitation when judging anyone. Under grim circumstance people are capable of great triumphs but often despair has only one destination.

6. When you’re not playing therapists, what other projects are you working on?

I have a very busy life. My main focus is “Dressed in Black”. This is a band that performs at events. Great musicians and great people. I have produced 2 CDs in the past few years and am currently considering doing another. I had so much fun on “Bouquet of Consequence” I plan to shake the trees for other opportunities like this. I only hope that any future projects will be as thoughtful and well done as this was.