LAMP Interview Series:
Alex Biagi with Addictive Vibe Records

This is part of an ongoing series of interviews with the cast and team from LA Motion Pix’s latest film, “Bouquet of Consequence.” we will try to bring you behind the scenes interviews, updates, photos and videos as we lead up to the release. If you would like to ask any questions to any member or cast, you can email us at or leave a comment below.

1. How did you get started with LA Motion Pix and movie soundtracks?

I met Travis Lupher in college back in 2001. We took several classes together, and I was interested in composing short films before I met him. I was still learning how to compose and engineer music at that time, but one day in one of our media classes, we started talking and I learned that Travis and his brothers were making short films. After that I shared some of my music and he liked it enough for him to use one of my songs in his short film called “Fixed”. After that I continued to work on short film projects with Travis and the Lupher brothers and we have been friends ever since.

2. What is Addictive Vibe Records? What type of artists do you represent?

In 2011 I decided to create my own record label called Addictive Vibe Records. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve had the name for a few years before and decided to take the leap and go into business for myself.

I’ve met many talented producers over the years on a website called Internet It is an indie electronic music community where you can post your music and get feedback from strangers, to improve your music and network with other producers and musicians. I asked several of my good friends on the site if they wanted to release music with me and they did. After a little over a year we now have 26 talented artists from all over the world producing everything from chill out/lounge music to Electro House and Dubstep. We are distributed to all of the major downloads torrents including iTunes, Beatport and Amazon MP3. We don’t cater to one genre. I love all forms of electronic music so I decided the label would be a melting pot of genres. If you like electronic music we have something for everyone in our catalog.

3. In addition to the soundtrack to “Bouquet of Consequence,” what other projects are you currently working on?

In addition to working on the label I am currently working on my debut artist album called “Chill The F*** Out.” It’s been 2 years in the making. For the title track I am fortunate enough to have Eric Lupher who in addition to being one of LA Motion Pix’s composers and casting director, is also a very talented singer. We have been working on the track together and it is sounding amazing.

4. In our first interview for the series, we talked with Eric Lupher. Could you talk about your relationship with Eric and the projects you’ve worked on?

Eric and I have a very good relationship. Our styles may differ a little bit, but Eric is very open-minded and when it comes to working on different music projects together that is a huge plus. We have done several short films together and each one gets better and better.  Eric is  able to do what I can no longer do.

About 8 years ago I lost the ability to use my hands due to a rare autoimmune disease that effects the peripheral nervous system i.e. hands, legs and feet. It’s very similar to MS. It’s called CIDP. Roughly 8 in 1 million people have this disease. So it is super rare. I have enough hand strength in my right hand to use a mouse and work electronically on music and compositions. Having Eric be my hands in a way is a huge benefit for me. Before losing my hands I played the piano from age 6 to 24. Not being able to play limits the emotion and subtlety I can capture using software.  Eric is a fantastic pianist, just as good as I used to be and he can capture the emotion that I lack using the software.

5. Have you ever worked on a horror soundtrack before?

I wouldn’t say it was horror, but I worked with Travis and the guys on their vampire shorts called “Demise Of The Damned” it had some creepy elements to it of course, but it was more action-based.

6. How does your experience working with Eric, Travis and Bill help you with the soundtrack to “Bouquet of Consequence?”

After working on several short films with the guys I have an idea of what they like and what they don’t. I know what sounds to look for and having just upgraded my studio the new equipment will make “Bouquet Of Consequence” our best score yet.

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Alex Biagi with Addictive Vibe Records

  1. Very nice : I had known that you and Trav have been friends for quite a while. But, didn’t know how it all came together. I had gotten the chance to play a small part in his “Demise of the Dammed” short film. I have always enjoyed Eric’s work also. See how things are ment to be, everyone gels together, and helps bring all those ideas into something tangible. Congrats on the upgrade at the studio. Waiting to hear the album.

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