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What is LA Motion Pix

We are a Denver, Colorado based film company dedicated to producing quality, engaging films, shorts and sketches. We are comprised of accomplished and talented creatives and technicians focused on bringing attention to the independent film community of Denver and Colorado as a whole.

LAMP has it's roots in Travis and Brad Lupher and their highly successful, "Lupher Arts Wedding Motion Pictures." Looking to expand horizons into more traditional motion pictures, the Lupher Brothers—including the younger and crazy talented brother, Eric Lupher—teamed up with Artistic Director, William Sterling in the early months of 2010. Our first film, "Time Changes Everything" introduced the team to the Denver film community during the 48 Hour Film Project.

Later in 2010 the team produced a series of commercials for the Doritos' "Crash the Super Bowl" contest with such favorites as "The Cool Ranch," "Sales Presentation," and the ever-popular, "No Ordinary Ranch." It was during these projects where Mr. CJ Baar joined the team and impressed us with his talents and genius.

Following a successful 2010 campaign, LAMP enjoyed even greater success with, "Dead Vengeance," winner of "Best Cinematography," "Best Sound Design," and "Best Editing" for the Denver 48 Hour Film Project. This film launched LAMP into the Denver frey and introduced us to the amazingly diverse Will Beckingham, creative Christian Mussett, and the musical mastery of Alex Biagi. "Dead Vengeance" was followed by a short parody of the popular "Wazzup" Bud-Light Commercials and Tim Tebow in, "Timmy". "Timmy" was played on nearly every station leading up to the Denver Bronco's elimination from the playoffs.

Kicking off 2012 with a bang finds LAMP deeply engaged with their first official short film, "Bouquet of Consequence." Rounding out the final missing peices are Sound Guru, James Tobin, and the beautiful and talented, Heathyrre Kautz and her makeup magic.